88-98 CHEVY 2500/3500 3 LINK KIT


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Most kits are made to order due to specifications of each customer. Please keep in mind it takes time to build these items. We are a small business and take pride in producing the best quality parts for your vehicle. Thank you for your patience.  

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88-98 Chevy 2500/3500 3 link Rear Suspension (OBS Body Style)


This rear 3 link suspension setup is designed for the 88-98 Body style 2500 and 3500 Series trucks.  We designed this kit to be very versatile and work around the customers budget and style of build they are going for when building their 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks.  The 3 link suspension is a great way to maintain the stock gas tank in the factory position and still be able to make a work horse of a truck for towing or just a cruiser for daily driving.  We built the kit so there are options a to how you want to build your truck based on your preferences.


The options go as follows

Option 1: Choosing your style of bag mounts

  • With bridge bag mounts (Customer will build their own bridge between the notches)
  • without bridge bag mounts (Customer will choose the bridge we offer pre-built for an additional $849.99)


Option 2: Choosing with or without notches

  • With notches
  • Without notches


Option3: Choosing the air bag you want to run on the rear suspension (Air Bags sold separately)

  • 2600 Lb or Slam Re Series air bag (Basic air bags for daily cruising minimal towing capabilities)
  • 3200 Industrial air bag (Better towing capacity larger diameter than traditional airbag)
  • Triple Convoluted HD air bag (Very large airbag designed for heavy towing)


Option 4:

  • No bridge setup (Customer will be making their own)
  • Yes bridge setup built by that welds on the top side of the monster notches (Additional 849.99)


Additional Info: